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Make It Work: Sharing Class Sets of iPads

If you can’t afford an iPad for every student, what can you do? First, be absolutely certain you can’t afford to go 1:1. It might not be as expensive as you think — check out the real cost analysis in the table at the bottom of my From the Dark Side post. Take a look at grant options, as well. Jenny Magiera, a teacher in Chicago Public Schools, bought her class set of iPads using grant money and offers suggestions for teachers looking to do the same.


21st Century School at a 19th Century Price

Every time I ask teachers why they aren’t integrating more technology into the classroom, I hear the same two responses: No training and no equipment. What would happen if we eliminated those obstacles for teachers? In this post, I offer FREE and low-cost options for getting technology hardware and training into any school.


House a Tech-Help Desk on Your Campus for FREE

When I talk to teachers about the barriers to integrating technology into their classrooms, there’s one that comes up again and again: “when it doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do.” So what should schools do? Use the free labor sitting right in front of you — your students.


The $55 Interactive Whiteboard

Learn how to build your own $55 interactive whiteboard using a Wiimote and a few items from RadioShack. Also find suggestions for the best software to use with the Wiimote Whiteboard set-up.

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