PD: Prezis

I’ve created a few Prezis to guide my presentations to teachers about the need for technology integration in the schools. The four I currently use are available here. Feel free to edit and use them however you’d like (but please credit Stretch Your Digital Dollar).

Why Technology?

Why Technology? provides a framework for technology integration in the classroom. It begins with a video meant to demonstrate the need for teaching students 21st century skills, and continues by tying technology integration to the familiar Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Technology as Inquiry

As a former science teacher, I know the importance of teaching inquiry. Technology as Inquiry shows that technology is about teaching kids how to think in the 21st century — and inquiry is what will help students be successful in this changing world.

Differentiate Student Presentations in Any Classroom

Differentiate Student Presentations in Any Classroom shows the difference between a traditional student presentation and a 21st century student presentation. No extra work is required from the teacher — the assignment and rubric are the same; but students get to choose from a wide variety of mediums. (NOTE: I have different versions of this presentation for different grade levels and audiences — this is the middle school version that I presented at CETPA 2011. If you’d like another version, email me at katyscott22@gmail.com.)

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling introduces the concept to teachers, with conservation-based examples and resources for further exploration.

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