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Whether or not you run professional development sessions, the items in this section might provide some insight and guidance for you. Feel free to use, edit, and share everything to your heart’s desire. (Please credit Stretch Your Digital Dollar when you do, though.)

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Starter Guides

In my talks with teachers, I’ve found that many are ready to start integrating technology into their classroom but they have no idea where or how to start. And most don’t have the time to research it. I decided to create short starter guides, based on topic and subject, to get these teachers started.


I’ve created a few Prezis to guide my presentations to teachers about technology integration in the schools. The four I currently use — Why Technology?, Technology as Inquiry, Differentiate Student Presentations in Any Classroom, and Digital Storytelling — are available here. Feel free to edit and use them however you’d like.


When it comes to education, all good professional development must be rooted in research. If there are no numbers, teachers will often dismiss new ideas as trends (rightly so). Throughout this blog, I often reference research to support my suggestions. Here, I list links to various studies regarding educational technology, organized by topic.

Additional Resources

In addition to the items mentioned above, I often use readings, videos, or activities in professional development sessions. Some were created by me, but most are from a variety of other sources. In the “additional resources” section, I offer a bibliography of the most useful of the bunch.

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