Affordable Strategies for Integrating Cell Phones into the Classroom


Donated and student cell phones are a powerful no-cost solution to technology integration. Used in conjunction with various free web-based applications, teachers can offer students a more interactive learning experience.

Web 2.0 Tools


  • Pew Research Center: Social Media and Mobile Internet Use among Teens and Young Adults (2010) found that three-quarters of teens have cell phones, many of which are used for Internet access.
  • In a series of studies from Coventry University (2006-2011), researchers found that texting actually improved primary students’ literacy development. In one study, students who used ‘textisms’ (i.e. ‘c u l8tr’) performed better on spelling tests, possibly because textisms require higher phonological awareness.
  • Speak Up (2010) surveyed hundreds of thousands of students, parents, teachers, and administrators about educational technology, and found some major disconnects. Among other things, the survey found that most parents are supportive of students using mobile devices in school, with even more parents willing to buy the devices for their kids. However, 65 percent of administrators oppose allowing students to use their own devices in classrooms.


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