• Future-Ready Field Trips
    Get ideas for ways to meaningfully integrate mobile technology into your next field trip! Explore device-neutral apps that can engage students in learning during field trips, while supporting the 4Cs.
  • Future-Ready PBL: Technology in Project-Based Science
    Integrate tech, project-based learning and NGSS. Get hands-on experience with device-neutral apps that will support your science students through every step of the project cycle.
  • Affordable Strategies for Integrating Cell Phones into the Classroom
    Donated and student cell phones are a powerful no-cost solution to technology integration. Used in conjunction with various free web-based applications, teachers can offer students a more interactive learning experience.
  • Harness the Power of Social Networking in Your Classroom, Safely and for FREE
    Social networking can engage students, increase academic discussion and extend the school day. We’ll explore how to effectively utilize free social networking tools like Edmodo and My Big Campus in any classroom.
  • Mobile Science: Unlock the Potential of iPads in the Field
    Keeping iPads inside classrooms neglects the most powerful feature of these devices. See how the Monterey Bay Aquarium guides K-12 students to access and create information anywhere, using iPads.
  • Rocky Research
    Even elementary students understand the concept of bias. Watch us demonstrate a lesson in which students use that understanding to assess the reliability of internet sources. (Most appropriate for 3rd-8th.)
  • Create Your Own $55 Interactive Whiteboard
    In this session, participants will see a $55 Wiimote Whiteboard in action. The attending teachers will then create their own whiteboard to take back to their classrooms.


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