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Timelining for Every Classroom

It seems timelines (and timeline creation tools) have been popping up in every grade level and classroom. These aren’t your mama’s timelines — and they’re not just for history anymore. Get the low-down on five online timelining tools — Capzles, Dipity, Prezi, TimeToast, and xTimeline.


Turn Social Networks into Learning Networks with Edmodo

Last March, I wrote a blog post about the general benefits of social networking in the classroom, and I briefly described a few tools like Edmodo. Since then, I’ve had the time to delve even deeper into educational social networking and, specifically, Edmodo. I’ve introduced the site to a number of teachers, who have each used it to transform their classrooms in various ways. After seeing what the site can do, I know that when I return to the classroom, Edmodo will be the first thing I implement.


Let Them Play: Video gaming in education

Teachers have been using games like Scrabble and chess for as long as schools have existed. And just like with those board games, video games engage students and can make learning fun. But they can do a lot more. Video games can prepare students for the real world, and game design principles can help teachers become more effective instructors.

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