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Four Simple Steps to School-Wide One-to-One iPad Success

These may seem like common-sense steps but, too often (especially with technology), administrators get excited and roll out new hardware quickly with very little support. This virtually guarantees that the devices will be extremely expensive failures. So if you’re going make the financial investment in iPads — or any one-to-one device — it’s of paramount importance to roll them out right.


Timelining for Every Classroom

It seems timelines (and timeline creation tools) have been popping up in every grade level and classroom. These aren’t your mama’s timelines — and they’re not just for history anymore. Get the low-down on five online timelining tools — Capzles, Dipity, Prezi, TimeToast, and xTimeline.


Reverse and Improve Your Instruction with Screencasts: Lecture at home, practice at school

What Ramsey does in his class is ingenious. He takes the direct instruction and modeling portions of his class and records them as a screencast. His screencasts are usually about 7 minutes long, and they’re posted online. For homework, students have to watch the screencast — at home, on their smartphones, at the library, or in the computer lab — and answer questions about it via an online form. Then, Ramsey takes the first 15 minutes or so of class and has a Q and A session related to the video. After that, it’s all independent practice time.


Professional Development Resources

You may have noticed a new tab on the top of my blog, called “professional development.” This summer, I realized what a dearth of materials there are for administrators, coaches, and teachers in charge of coordinating tech integration workshops for their staffs. I wound up creating a ton of materials for the PDs I was hosting and decided to create a few additional resources, for those of you working to get other teachers on the tech bandwagon.

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