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Common Core Haters, This is Why You’re Wrong

Our expectations need to be higher. Our tests need to be tougher. This is how we improve our education system. Our kids aren’t just going to suddenly be brilliant. We all (teachers, kids, parents) have to put in the work to make it so. And the Common Core provides us with a great map to get there.


21st Century School at a 19th Century Price

Every time I ask teachers why they aren’t integrating more technology into the classroom, I hear the same two responses: No training and no equipment. What would happen if we eliminated those obstacles for teachers? In this post, I offer FREE and low-cost options for getting technology hardware and training into any school.


Professional Development Resources

You may have noticed a new tab on the top of my blog, called “professional development.” This summer, I realized what a dearth of materials there are for administrators, coaches, and teachers in charge of coordinating tech integration workshops for their staffs. I wound up creating a ton of materials for the PDs I was hosting and decided to create a few additional resources, for those of you working to get other teachers on the tech bandwagon.


Is Education the Next “Inconvenient Truth”?

I’d like to talk about several education-based documentaries coming out this year. And there are a lot of them. One USAToday article even refers to 2010 as the year of the education documentary. Although it’s a bit off-topic for Stretch Your Digital Dollar, I think the documentaries pose interesting looks at urban public schools in America.

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